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Home screen

On the home screen you can see the current playing track and the playback history, listener stats and your radio channels.
Chart at the center of this section represents listeners peaks per hour/day/week (there is a switch at the bottom).
Channels list shows actual Icecast/Shoutcast servers for the selected server, each channel has:

  • type (Shoutcast/Icecast)
  • on/off switch, so you can temporary turn your channels off
  • channel status that can be one of: connected, not connected, offline
  • sound format - MP3, AAC++, FLAC and the bitrate
  • three digits separated by “/” represent the summary of your listeners: current/peak/maximum allowed by the channel
  • channel traffic - the number of bytes/megabytes/gigabytes that were transferred through the channel port
  • “Admin” is a link to the standard Icecast/Shoutcast management interface.
  • “Stats” is a detailed statistics for your channel similar to the stats you have for a website. You can set stats password in the “Settings” section of the broadcaster interface.
  • listen links - different links for different types of player. These links are not your actual stream URLs. You can find stream URL in the “Widgets” -> “Players” section.

Channel actions:
To create a new channel use “Add channel” button at the top of the list.
To edit existing channel click “Edit” button next to the channel in the list.
Add/edit channel modal dialog allows you to set the channel bitrate, broadcasting format and other details. “Advanced” tab allows you to make your stream public by publishing it to streaming directories for Shoutcast/Icecast stations.
“Port 80 proxy” option enables you to stream through the 80 port on your server, this is useful for listeners that have all other ports except 80 blocked with a firewall.
“Youtube” tab allows you to configure youtube streaming. Go to your Youtube account, live dashboard (https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard) and copy the streaming URL and the key to this tab, upload logo (the logo will show up as a static video for the broadcast), check “Enable” and save the channel to start youtube streaming.
“Remove” button removes selected channel.

Recent track.
Recent tracks shows a summary of your recent played tracks and the currently playing one. The list has a track title, track album cover (if exists), the number of listeners when the track started playing, start time, playlist title (if the track is played by the automatic DJ).

Listeners World map.
Google maps allows you to see your current listeners on the World map. Listeners geolocation is determined by their IP addresses so the geolocation may be not 100% accurate.
Listeners map is updated automatically every 20 seconds, or you can use “Refresh” button at the bottom to update right away.

Track requests
Your listeners can request tracks that you uploaded into your account for automatic broadcast using “Request widget” you can find in “Widgets” or the API.
In this section you can disable request function for particular tracks and see recent requests. Listeners can enter their names and shoutout message when they request a track, this info is also displayed here along with their IP address that you can use to block spam requests

Top tracks
Some of our widgets and the API allow listeners to vote for a track with like/dislike. Every like increase the track rank by 1 and every dislike reduces it by 1. All the ratings are summarized in this section so you can see bets and worst performing tracks.
Use “Reset stats” button at the top to clean ratings.

Track statistics
The software keeps track of all tracks played. In this section you can see the tracks sorted by the number of playbacks during selected period.
Use “Export to Excel” button to download report in Excel format.
Also this section allows you to download royalties reports (not all countries are currently supported).

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