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Playlists are common with other software and programs - they help you organize your music. By default all music that you upload to the server gets into “All music” playlist, you may think of it like a music library of all your content. “All music” playlist goes on air by default and you can not remove this playlist.
Scheduler is used to manage playlist playback times - when system has to switch to other playlists (see “Scheduler” section documentation).

The number of playlists you may have is not limited.
To create a new playlist click on “New playlist” button, enter title for the playlist, there is also

Shuffle option that allows this playlist to play in random order, otherwise it will play strictly how you set the track order in playlist. To change the order of some track in a playlist you can drag and drop it up or down.

Import m3u playlist option allows you to import playlists from programs like RadioBoss, Winamp, etc. but you need to upload all the files before importing the playlist. Import allows you to set the order of the playlist to match the order in m3u file and import itself does not upload any tracks to the server.

After playlist has been created you can add tracks to it - click on “plus” icon next to the playlist title or click on its title and click “Add files” button. You will see a common file-tree to the left and files drop area to the right.

To add files to your playlist you need to select them in the tree view - you can add individual files or entire directories and sub-directories. Use “Add selected files to playlist” to add the tracks, you can also create sub-directories directly on this tree view by selecting the parent directory, clicking “Create sub-folder” button and entering the name for it.

Use “Remove selected” button to delete files or directories from the server - that operation is not recoverable and completely removes selected element from your server filesystem.
To upload files to the server you need to drag and drop them to upload area to the right. By default all new files are uploaded into the root directory, but you can also select any subdirectory for upload - just click on desired directory in the tree view (then “Current directory” label will display selected directory name) and click “Upload” to upload the files. Dropping files to this area does not upload the files, so make sure to click “Upload” and you can also remove individual files from upload queue by pressing “Remove” link or click “Clear” to completely clear the queue. It takes about 5-10 minutes for the new files to be processes by the system and they will become available for adding in the tree view. Files are marked by “being processed” while the software is working.

As soon as files are ready and you clicked “Add selected files to playlist” - the new files are added to the end of the playlist and marked with green background. Use your mouse to drag and drop them to change their order in the playlist.
Track actions:

“play” icon allows you to listen this track in the player
Tags button allows you to fast-edit MP3 tags for this track. By default the system tries to get the track title and artist name from the file name if title/artist fields are empty. Click “save” when you are done editing.

Edit button allows you to edit MP3 tags for the track and upload album covers
Use Remove button to individually remove the file, this action does not remove selected file from the server, it just removed the track from the playlist. You can select several files by clicking on checkboxes next to them and pressing “Remove selected” button. In the dialog window you can choose how to remove the tracks - from playlist only or from playlist and server filesystem (not recoverable operation).

Playlist actions:

Rename/Delete are common actions
“Play” icon automatically adds an event to the schedule to start playing this playlist, so this way you can force start playing the playlist. It will play in circles till the next event is found in the schedule.

Copy playlist creates playlist copy giving it a title of the original playlist name and a “copy” prefix (use “Rename” to give it a new name)

Excel export allows you to download this playlist in Excel format
Also there is a way to manage playlist by creating directories and subdirectories on your FTP, so when you add some file to a directory on the server and “Create playlists from directories” setting is enabled in Settings - uploaded file will get into corresponding playlist and if you remove the file (or entire directory of files) - that is also synced with the playlist.

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